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Music Videos - The latest and greatest music clips.

Music Videos - February 2009

226. The Look - Roxette

February 25th 2009 03:58

The Look - Roxette
She's got the look

In the shadows of the 80's came this great catchy tune from Swedish group Roxette. While they were hugely popular in their own country nobody else in the world had heard them. An American exchange student who had just returned from Sweden implored local station KDWB Minneapolis to play The Look. A few months later the band had an international number one hit. And had also given the world the lyric - Tasty like a raindrop - she's got the look. The duo comprising of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle went on to have many hits from their two big albums Look Sharp (which featured The Look) and Joyride. Hope you enjoy

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Rock DJ Robbie WIlliams
Robbie Williams is usually comfortable in his own skin

Former Take That singer and then british pop superstar Robbie WIlliams got into all sorts of trouble with this brilliant clip in the year 2000. It is the explcit then gory nature of the clip as Robbie is performing to a group of rollerskating models and failing to win their attention - he is does a strip tease that doesn't get noticed and then...well anatomically speaking removes his skin and starts throwing muscles and organs at the rollerskating models who sensuously rub themselves with his discarded bits. I am doing this great clip by Vaughn Arnell - watch it and you'll know what I mean. Enjoy

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Let It Rock Kevin Rudolph
Let it Rock Kevin Rudolph ft Lil Wayne

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Kevin Rudolph had a hit with this the debut single off his debut album in the city. He had a lil help from rapper Lil Wayne and this proves to be quite a nice lil fusion piece. Simple clip with lots of great strobe lighting effects made to promote a video basketball game. Here it is

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf Feat. Lil Wayne

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Pumping On Your Stereo - Supergrass
Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo

The brilliant team of Hammer and Tongs (film director garth Jennings of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame and uper producer Nick Goldsmith) have again come up with a freash and original idea for a music video. The Supergrass song Pumping on your Stereo lends itself to a fun quirky clip. Hammer and Tongs draw on Jim Henson's Muppets for inspiration coming up with puppet bodies for the band and making puppet instruments. It's just good fun with puppets and object (or black) theatre. A great clip - hope you enjoy

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222. Poker Face - Lady Gaga

February 19th 2009 05:51
Lady Gaga Poker Face
Poker Face Lady Gaga

Another massive world wide hit for Stephanie Germanotta better known to the everyone as Lady Gaga. The New York Electronic dance queen has hit pay dirt here wih this catchy number and a great clip from Norwegian director Ray Kay. The clip features her playing strip poker with friends in a mansion with a strange man on the couch, dancers in electric blue leotards by the pool and two enormous great Danes in harlequin outfits - enjoy

Poker Face - Lady Gaga

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221. You Found Me - The Fray

February 19th 2009 05:32
The Fray You Found Me
You Found Me The Fray

New song from Denver rockers The Fray. This ballad You Found Me has been doing the rounds with the TV shows having been featured for promos for Lost and on Grey's Anatomy. Pretty stock standard sort of rock ballad but it has done extremely well on the charts meaning someone is listening to it. Here it is for your enjoyment

You Found Me Video

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220. Informer - Snow

February 17th 2009 02:39

Informer Snow
Snow Informer

This awful song comes from white Toronto based reggae rap artist Darren O'Brien performing under the name of Snow. Written while in Jail on an assault charge it became a massive one off hit for Snow. It features very fast near indistinguishable lyrics. It was produced by DJ Shan who does a cameo rap on it. It is a very average clip but should bring back memories for anyone who followed the charts along with a feeling of 'What were we thinking???' Enjoy

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219. Country House - Blur

February 14th 2009 02:55
Blur Country House
Country House Blur

Great song and clip from the mid nineties by British alternative group Blur. The clip is directed by renowned artist Damien Hirst and takes the lead character's life in the song and turns it into a board game. Watch out for a cameo from Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame long before he was famous. A fun clip with a nod in the Benny Hill direction and yes that is the lovely Jo Guest in her modelling prime. Enjoy

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Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun

This 80's classic from folk rockers the Violent Femmes received a new lease of life when it was used in the early 90's John Cusack film Grosse Point Blank where he goes to a ten year reunion with music from the era (hence the 80's soundtrack where this was the featured song). A great song, hope you enjoy!

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Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America
The Presidents of the United States of America Peaches

Indie Seattle outfit The Presidents of the United States of America (or The Presidents for short) burst onto the music scene with this first single from their Self Titled Album. It's a fun catchy song, with a fun clip. The final minute turns into a battle between the band and a group of ninjas. These guys have broken up and since reformed. Quirky in the extreme - enjoy

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