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Music Videos - The latest and greatest music clips.

Music Videos - October 2009

Losing My Religion - REM
REM - Losing My Religion

Breaking with their rules of never having the band lipsync along to a video REM decided to let director Tarsem Singh loose with his ideas about art and religion and the connection between to make this beautiful video. Although the band had been around for a while and well known in the indie scene this was their breakout song/video that saw them become mainstream (and giving the world the most famous Mandolin break ever). A wonderful music video inspired by the films of Tarkovsky and the paintings of Caravaggio.


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239. Respectable - Mel and Kim

October 17th 2009 06:56
Respectable Mel and Kim
Mel and Kim - Respectable

This clip is a throw back to 1987 and it is the product of the Stock,Aitken and Waterman production house that gave us Rick Astley and Kylie Minogue. This Jamaican born sister duo of Mel and Kim Appleby was one of the better things that they did. They burst onto the scene with this memorable song that went number one around the world but just when they looked set for international stardom the dream ended with the tragic death of Mel to cancer. At least we will have this clip to remember them by


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Sexx Laws Beck
Beck Sexx Laws

The music video, directed by Beck himself, is partly a tribute to the film Mr. Freedom.[1] Jack Black appears in the music video as a member of the Vision Warrior Men's Circle, along with Neil Strauss and Justin Meldal-Johnsen[2] Surreal elements of the video include a refrigerator dry humping an oven, Kenny G (played by Meldal-Johnsen) in a room of football players, and a spinning mannequin of a zebra with a banjo.

There are several versions of the video. The original (once posted on Beck's website) was over 18 minutes long and extended the intro of the Men's Circle. The subsequent versions edited out the intro and ending, the latter truncating a pep rally speech by Jack Black's character.

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