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Music Videos - The latest and greatest music clips.

Roc Boys (And the winner is)... Jay Z
Jay Z Roc Boys

Another great hip hop video from the master of the genre - Chris Robinson. This time he has Jay Z and a great track to work with in Roc Boys (And the winner is)... This clip is full of gangster iconography and a really strong narrative that weaves its way through the clip with the aid of titles. It is beautifully shot and features cameos from Mariah Carey (playing a gangster mole) and Sean 'Puff Daddy / P Diddy" Combes who also produced the track. Great samples and a killer riff (not disimilar to his girlfirend Beyonce's Crazy In Love) make this a memorable track with a great clip to go with it - enjoy

Roc Boys Video

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132. Love Story - Taylor Swift

December 9th 2008 03:08

Sigh. This is a rather soppy clip from Taylor Swift with her romeo having flashbacks before coming back to her arms. She waits for him all that time. sigh. I'm sure there are some folks out there who will love this country schtick but it's really not for me - enjoy

Love Story Video

We hope to be help you country folks out by having more clips just for you guys

This is one of the most moving clips ever made. Romenak got access to the legendary artist six months before his death and made this clip. It also features his wife June Carter a few weeks before her death. Romanek uses footage he shot of Cash as well as images from the derelict house of Cash and old movie footage. It is a brilliant exercise in editing and the final result will leave you haunted.

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Hurt Johnny Cash
Hurt Johnny Cash

This clip is one of the most emotional I have come across - it's the late great Johnny Cash doing a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt. He makes it his own. And there is so much pain it really does hurt - probably more moving in five minutes than the whole film Walk The Line. Caash is 6 months away from his death and his wife June Carter Cash who is pictured in the video is a few weeks away from her death.

It features a mixture of Cash singing and playing the guitar and Piano in the run down House of Cash museum as well as archive footage from Johnny Cash's career. This is intercut with shots of Jesus on the Cross. The editing builds and the cutting gets quicker as the song reaches its big climax. The penultimate shot is an archive shot of cash with guitar as he looks up at the camera it feels like he is looking straight through you as you have just watched his entire life pass before you. The shot goes for half a second. It's brilliant, beautiful and really touching. Mark Romanek has made the final tibute video to a legend - Hurt by Johnny Cash - enjoy

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Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough

September 21st 2006 07:05
Kasey Chambers (born: June 4, 1976) is Australia's most popular country music performer with three successive albums reaching number one on the Australian album charts in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Shortly after her birth, her parents Bill Chambers and Diane Chambers took her and her older brother Nash Chambers to the Nullarbor Plain where they earned a living hunting foxes. In the heat of an outback summer, the Chambers family would stay in a small South Australian fishing village. While in the Nullarbor, the Chambers family sang country music songs each night around the campfire.

In 1986, the family formed the Dead Ringer Band with Bill and Diane as the initial members and Kasey and Nash joining the band a year later. By 1992, the band had become full time musicians with Bill Chambers writing many of the band's songs. The Dead Ringer band broke up in 1998 but they collectively earned two ARIA awards and seven Golden Guitars during their career. It was at this time that Kasey started her solo career.

Kasey Chamber's second album "Barricades & Brickwalls" was her breakthrough with the lead single "Not Pretty Enough" going double platinum and the album itself 7x platinum. Chambers had the best selling single and album by an Australian artist in 2002. In the 2002 ARIA Awards, Chambers won "Album of the Year", "Best Female Artist" and "Best Country Album".

Kasey's third album "Wayward Angel", and the recently released "Carnival" also made it to #1 on the Australian charts.

The music video for Not Pretty Enough is below.

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Kasey Chambers.

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