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Music Videos - The latest and greatest music clips.

192. Epic - Faith No More

January 1st 2009 21:30
Faith No More Epic
Epic Faith No More

Faith No More burst onto the scene in 1990 with this bona fide top 10 hit. The band with its strange fusion of heavy metal and rap the band was primarily responsible for the creation of the rap metal genre. The film clip matches the song with its surreal imagery and storm effects. It is memorable for lead singer Mike Patton jumping around and rapping with boxing gloves.

The clip caused quite a bit of controversy with animal rights groups as it shows a gold fish flapping about out of water. But the scene was shot in slow motion and was in reality only out of water a few seconds before it was put back into its tank. Band members claim the goldgish was a present from Icelandic singer Bjork. Anyway here is the clip - Enjoy

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Another staggering clip from music video master Mark Romanek - showing all the ingenuity and artistic flair at his disposal he takes references from the work of Francis Bacon and works them into this memorable song from the Nine Inch Nails (he also does their song The Perfect Drug and the amazing Johnny Cash cover of their song Hurt). I couldn't imagine any other team of artist and director coming up with something this stark and original ever. Definitely one of my all time favourites - here in all its glory - enjoy

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An epic clip for an epic song.This nine minute extravaganza from directed Andrew Morahan (of Highlander II and The Sorcerer fame) features the filmed wedding of Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose to his then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour. The lavish production values, and outrageous swirling helicopter shots during guitarist Slash's bit solo make for one of the memorable music videos ever (the most requested on MTV) and a truly fitting tribute to the over the top excesses of the late eighties/early nineties (the song and clip came out in 1992). So here it is in all of it's nine minute glory - enjoy.

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This funny little clip from funny little punk rockers Blink182 parodies all things boy band and they do it very well - directed by Marcus Siega who obviously has a sense of humour - here it is!!

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Great song by one of grunge's great survivors - Green Day. Showing they can do mellow ballad as well as the hard rocking stuff this track off the wonderful American Idiot album shows their true versatility as a band. A great clip to go with the song directed by Samuel Bayer


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This is a stunning new video for heavy metal outfit Metallica - it tells the story of a couple of Marines in different lines of duty. It is thought provoking and looks at the lives of what people in the armed services go through without ever being condescending or overtly patriotic. Danish director Thomas Vinterberg is one of the founding members of the Dogme 95 group (started by Lars Von Trier). Kirk, James, Robert 'goat boy' Trujilo and Lars are all back to form as this song and album rocket up the charts.

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Probably the band that defined the 90's with one of there best and most expressive videos - the bright colours in this clip were done through an elaborate process of each frame being painted. The concept came straight from the twisted but brilliant mind of Kurt Corbain and it was put together by dutch master video maker Anton Corbijn.

Hope you enjoy this one - it's one of my favourites

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Spike Jonze is the most influential music video director of all time and this video is one of the reasons why. Innovation, creativity and brilliance. In this video for the song Southern California by punk rockers Wax - he get a stunt man on fire and films him running to catch a bus. The clip took around 12 seconds to shoot but they did it with a high speed camera so the vision is in super slo mo. There is something mesmerising about watching a man on fire running. At that spped you notice everything, every moment of the man, his environment as well as the dancing of the flames. Apparently they did 11 takes and used the third one - meaning they set a man on fire unnecessarily 8 times!!! That's just how this bizzare ADD director works and the results speak volumes for his creative genius. Please enjoy another one of my favourite all time videos

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Give It Away Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Give It Away Red Hot Chilli Pepper

French photographer Stephane Sedanoui loves black and white photography so he employed it on this clip for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers first big hit Give It Away. The metallic gold body paint on the naked bamd members puts the emphasis on the body and brings to life the playful sexuality that abounds in this clip. The editing is fast and frentic and works with the camera movement and crash zooms to create a second dance. This clip encapsulates what the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are about and was pivitol in setting up the bands style, name and brand. So get down and funky - it's the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with Give It Away

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Bon Jovi

November 10th 2006 03:39
Bon Jovi is an influential rock band from New Jersey, USA. Fronted by lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi, the group originally achieved large-scale success in the 1980s as a metal band. The band members are Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres and Hugh McDonald

However, Bon Jovi has proved far more durable than most groups so labelled, blending elements of hard rock, heartland rock, and the "MTV Unplugged" style together to sustain a commercially successful career well into the 2000s.
Bon Jovi has sold more than 35 million albums in the United States, and over 120 million albums worldwide.

Bon Jovi's third and most commercially successful album "Slippery When Wet" was released in 1986. It has sold over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone. Today it stands as one of the six best selling hard rock / heavy metal albums ever, and spawned two #1 singles, "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Livin' on a Prayer". The third single "Wanted Dead or Alive" was a Top 10 hit, reaching #7 .
Livin' on a Prayer is Bon Jovi's most famous and signature song.

Bon Jovi's fifth album "Keep the Faith" was released in November 1992. After the fourth album "New Jersey" all the members of the band were venturing into different areas. Jon wrote and recorded "Blaze Of Glory" for the Young Guns II soundtrack and the song was a massive hit. Richie also recorded his solo album, "Stranger in This Town" and David released his album of classical piano tracks. All these events sparked rumours that the band was breaking up.
Keep The Faith topped the European, UK and Australian album charts. It was the best-selling album in Canada and Europe of 1993. "Bed of Roses" was a ballad released off Keep the Faith. As a single it ranked #10 in the U.S. and Australia, and #13 in the U.K.. It is a song now considered by many fans to be a classic.

Bon Jovi's seventh studio album, "Crush", was released on June 13, 2000. Bon Jovi had always been a critical favourite, they had been consistent best-sellers around the globe. Crush re-established this reputation, with typical catchy choruses and anthemic, metal riffs. "It's My Life" was particularly ubiquitous in the United States and UK
Approximate sales were in excess of two million copies, making the album double platinum in the USA and with sales equalling 9 million copies world wide, making it a best seller.

"It's My Life" became the most successful Bon Jovi single, hitting #1 across many countries and most importantly, becoming a symbol of band's longevity as they prevailed through many different changes in the mainstream rock scene with admirable success. It was credited with reviving their career after they came off a five year break, during which they each pursued individual solo careers. It was also credited with introducing the veteran band to an entirely new, younger audience.
"It's My Life" charted at #3 in the United Kingdom, #5 in Australia and #13 in Canada. The song was also immensely popular in Germany, where Bon Jovi already had an immense fan base. The music video proved just as popular. It is below.

* This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia articles It's My Life (Bon Jovi song), Crush (album), Keep the Faith, Bed of Roses (song), Slippery When Wet, Livin' on a Prayer and Bon Jovi.


Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief

November 9th 2006 03:33
Wolfmother is an Australian hard rock band from Erskineville, Sydney. The band consists of Andrew Stockdale (vocals/guitar), Chris Ross (bass/keyboards) and Myles Heskett (drums). Reviving trends popularized by psychedelia and hard rock/metal fusions, their music is inspired by bands such as AC/DC, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

Their self titled debut album went 3x platinum in Australia peaking at #3. It also made #25 in the US and #22 in the UK. So far it has produced the hits "Mind's Eye", "White Unicorn" and "Woman".
Wolfmother achieved a record breaking six songs in the influential 2005 Triple J Hottest 100, with "Mind's Eye" their highest entry at #6. This breaks the record of five songs previously held by Queens of the Stone Age, Silverchair, The White Stripes, and Powderfinger.

Wolfmother's new single is "Joker & the Thief". It has become their first Australian Top 10 hit when it debuted at #8 last week.
Wolfmother recently shot a music video for Joker & the Thief. The video also features members of the Jackass cast and has been used to promote Jackass: Number Two. The music video is below.

* This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Wolfmother.


Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

September 27th 2006 07:31
"Smoke on the Water" is a famous and influential rock song by Deep Purple. It was first released on the album Machine Head in 1973.

The song is known for and recognizable by its central theme, a crunching four-note "blues scale" melody harmonised in parallel fourths that is perhaps the single most famous riff in hard rock history.

The lyrics of the song tell a true story: on December 7, 1971, Deep Purple had set up camp at Montreux, Switzerland to record an album using a mobile recording studio (rented from the Rolling Stones and known as the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio) at the entertainment complex that was part of the Montreux Casino (referred to as "the gambling house" in the song lyric). On the eve of the recording session a concert featuring Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention was held in the casino's theatre; during the concert a fire broke out (said to be caused by a Swiss fan shooting a flare gun in the ceiling, as mentioned in the "some stupid with a flare gun" line) that eventually destroyed the entire casino complex, along with all the Mothers' equipment. The "smoke on the water" that became the title of the song (credited to bass player Roger Glover, who related how the title occurred to him when he suddenly woke from a dream a few days later) referred to the smoke from the fire spreading over Lake Geneva from the burning casino as the members of Deep Purple watched the fire from their hotel across the lake. The "funky Claude" running in and out is referring to Claude Nobs, the director of the Montreux Jazz Festival who helped some of the audience to escape the fire.

Below is a great video of Deep Purple recently performing the song live.

This clip is when Deep Purple performed the song live in New York back in 1973.

* This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Smoke on the Water.

Hinder - Lips of an Angel

September 20th 2006 06:22
Hinder is a hard rock/pop metal band from Oklahoma City signed under Universal Records. Recently the band has toured with Nickelback. Hinder jumped on to the rock scene with their hit single, "Get Stoned." The band then toured in support of their debut album "Extreme Behavior". Currently, Hinder is enjoying major success with their latest single, the ballad "Lips of an Angel", and are making their way up the pop charts. The band has announced that their next single will be "How Long".
Lips of an Angel has been their breakthrough single, last week making it to #9 on the US charts. The music video is below.


Austin Winkler - Vocals
Joe "Blower" Garvey - Lead Guitar
Mike Rodden - Bass
Mark King - Rhythm Guitar
Cody Hanson - Drums

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Hinder.

S&M was Metallica's ninth album, recorded live with the San Francisco Symphony on April 21 and 22, 1999.
The S&M album is two disks, with songs released by the band from 1984 to 1997. "Nothing Else Matters" is the first track on Disk 2, and the music video is below.

This song originally came from their self titled album which is often referred to as "The Black Album" (1991). The Black Album has been Metallica's biggest success selling over 14 million copies in the US alone. Interestingly, many fans expressed disappointment at the new direction taken by Metallica with The Black Album, as it presented a more radio-friendly, commercially accessible Metallica, especially with the ballad Nothing Else Matters. Nonetheless the album was critically and commercially praised, and it earned the band a legion of new fans.

* This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article Metallica Album.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

July 21st 2006 06:51
AC/DC are the most successful and well-known band to hail from Australia. They were formed in Sydney in 1973 by rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young and his brother, lead guitarist Angus Young. The band has sold 150 million albums world wide, making them one of the most successful hard rock acts ever. Their success culminated in 1980 when they released the "Back in Black" album which became one of the highest selling albums of all time with sales in excess of 40 million copies. They are still going strong today, last year AC/DC finished second in a list of highest-earning entertainers from Australia for 2005.

"Thunderstruck", released in 1990 off the "Razor's Edge" album, was a big hit for AC/DC. Angus Young found inspiration for the song when on a plane. There was an extremely loud clap of thunder, a hostess then stood up and said "It's OK, we've just been struck by thunder". The song still has wide ranging appeal, being used for player introductions at various sporting clubs around the world including Super 14 side the Wellington Hurricanes in New Zealand, Major League Baseball club the Chicago White Sox and WNBA side the Seattle Storm in the USA. It has also recently being used by Holden in Australia for it's SS Ute advertising campaigns.

Contrary to popular belief, Angus Young does not play Thunderstruck's main riff with one hand. Instead, he picks every first note and pulls-off every second note. The one-handed tapping technique is only in the Thunderstruck music video and at their concert at Donington Castle in 1991 for show. The music video for Thunderstruck was filmed at London's Brixton Academy.

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia articles Thunderstruck (song), and AC/DC.

Guns N' Roses - November Rain

July 12th 2006 03:30
"November Rain" appears on the album Use Your Illusion 1. At 8 minutes and 57 seconds, it is an epic rock ballad and one of the most popular songs by the band Guns N' Roses (written by Axl Rose). It consistently remains one of the most requested songs on rock music radio stations. However, as well known as the song is itself, perhaps a greater amount of attention is given to the music video, which, in 1992, the year it was released, quickly became the most requested video on MTV and won an MTV Video Music Award for best cinematography. Click here to find out more about the November Rain wedding dress and video.

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. It uses material from the Wikipedia article November Rain.

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