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Music Videos - The latest and greatest music clips.

Flo Rida
Right Round - FloRida Featuring Kesha

Rapper FloRida found an easy way to make a hit by just using a jigglified sample of the British electropop 80's one hit wonder You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive. The clip by Malcolm Jones even references the original dead or alive clip. But this less than subtle less than average song is a sad reminder of how low the form has sunk. But Hey - it's a big hit - enjoy

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229. Dry Your Eyes - The Streets

March 2nd 2009 03:57
Dry your eyes - the Streets
The Streets - Dry Your Eyes

Breaking up is always hard and this song nails the various emotions that go on when love cleaves your heart in two. Brilliant rap by UK band The Streets. One of their best - enjoy

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I Love College - Asher Roth
Asher Roth - loves college

Alcohol, Weed, Partying with girls and pizza at a dollar a slice are the things that Asher Roth love about College - ahh University education there's nothing like it. With a cheekiness akin to the streets (but nowhere near as good) this has the making of novelty hit written all over it. Directed by Jonathan Lia - enjoy

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Let It Rock Kevin Rudolph
Let it Rock Kevin Rudolph ft Lil Wayne

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Kevin Rudolph had a hit with this the debut single off his debut album in the city. He had a lil help from rapper Lil Wayne and this proves to be quite a nice lil fusion piece. Simple clip with lots of great strobe lighting effects made to promote a video basketball game. Here it is

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf Feat. Lil Wayne

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Drop It Like Its Hot Snoop Dogg Pharrell
Drop It Like Its Hot

One of the big hip hop hits of the past few years. Snoop Dogg teamed up with uber producer Pharrell Williams (whose Neptunes produced the track) and came up with a tune so catchy that it stays in your head for days. Great musical and lyrics hooks and a couple of wonderful raps. The clip is monochrome black and white and follows the lyrics closely (explaining some of the hip hop language as they go on). It's directed by hip hop video master Paul Hunter. Its a great clip - enjoy!

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192. Epic - Faith No More

January 1st 2009 21:30
Faith No More Epic
Epic Faith No More

Faith No More burst onto the scene in 1990 with this bona fide top 10 hit. The band with its strange fusion of heavy metal and rap the band was primarily responsible for the creation of the rap metal genre. The film clip matches the song with its surreal imagery and storm effects. It is memorable for lead singer Mike Patton jumping around and rapping with boxing gloves.

The clip caused quite a bit of controversy with animal rights groups as it shows a gold fish flapping about out of water. But the scene was shot in slow motion and was in reality only out of water a few seconds before it was put back into its tank. Band members claim the goldgish was a present from Icelandic singer Bjork. Anyway here is the clip - Enjoy

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The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Everything is Everything

One of the best rap/hip hop videos made. This comes from Lauryn Hill's first solo album (The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill) after leaving the hugely successful band The Fugees. The clip is on an epic scale with the whole of Manhattan turned into a giant record player. The track features a then unknown John Legend playing piano. The hugeness of the clip matches the big orchestral nature of the track and it all makes for the perfect background of Hill's soulful singing and incisive rap. Here it is - Enjoy


Lil Wayne Lollipop
Lil Wayne Lollipop

American Rapper Lil Wayne had a big number one hit with this song and video. It hold the record for the most hits on Music Choice's Music on demand service (onver 10 million hits there) and has had over 24,000,000 YouTube hits. Directed by veteran rap and hip hop director Gil Green. Enjoy

Lil Wayne Music Videos
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158. Bad Boy For Life - P. Diddy

December 17th 2008 22:12

Puff Daddy or P Diddy or what you want to call Sean Combs had a hit with this rap about being a Bad Boy 4 life. The clip is very very funny with it playing on the notion of moving into a very successful white neighborhood - Look out for the hysterical cameo by Ben Stiller right in the middle of the clip - enjoy

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158. Bad Boy For Life - P. Diddy

December 17th 2008 22:12

Puff Daddy or P Diddy or what you want to call Sean Combs had a hit with this rap about being a Bad Boy 4 life. The clip is very very funny with it playing on the notion of moving into a very successful white neighborhood - Look out for the hysterical cameo by Ben Stiller right in the middle of the clip - enjoy

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152. Right Now - Akon

December 16th 2008 07:04
Hot off the press is this new video from Senegalese American Rapper, hip hop and R&B singer Akon. He has had a string of hits in recent years using catchy melodies and this one is no exception. The clip is pretending to be a movie trailer and of course there are the obligatory na na na's. It seems a little over produced to me and the voice track has got some weird distortion thing over it - but hey it's what the kids are listening to right?? Enjoy

Music Videos by VideoCure

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The master of the hip hop video teamed with the late great rapper to make this post apocalyptic vision of California. Featuring an out of control Chris Tucker (when is he not!) this clip is more than a passing nod to George Miller's Australian apocalyptic masterpiece Mad Max. A very fine clip and a great way to remember this fine artist.

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With a killer riff, a rap provided by boyfriend Jay Z and her obvious talent - Beyonce was always going to make it on her own. With her Destiny Fulfilled she went solo with this monster hit that took the world by storm. The clip features her in various dance sequences (my favourite being the one where there is water going everywhere). A fun clip to a great song - Enjoy

Music Videos by VideoCure

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138. Waterfalls - TLC

December 12th 2008 09:56

Great R & B track from the mid 90's. from all girl outfit TLC. The girls did this startling song which deals with serious issues like drug dealing and AIDS. The clip mixes little narratives for each of the verses with amazing shots of them as water goddesses. A great clip for a terrific song - enjoy

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128. Love Lockdown - Kanye West

December 5th 2008 12:05

The current king of the hip hop scene is back with this very cool clip. It feature him in an all white suit singing in a white room (why is it black rappers like white suits???) and then in the chorus he is magically joined by african drummers. It's a good little clip - hope you enjoy

Music Videos by VideoCure

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Breaking up is always hard to do even if you are the hottest music star going around - just ask Chris Brown. Going with the lyrics to this rap ballad the video has Chris trying to say goodbye to an unsuccessful relationship. After much angst he finally breaks up with his beautiful girlfriend and then starts dancing with another woman. Nicely shot it look really good. Enjoy

Chris Brown Music Videos
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The first rap video to get any real airplay - the one that brought it to the mainstream and one of the great clips of all time featuring one of the biggest bands in the world with a new force in the world of music. Producer Rick Ruben hit on the crazy idea of putting Aerosmith live together with Run DMC who were freestyling over their songs. A match made in heaven and one tht broke the rules then tore down the barriers. Word.

Walk This Way - Aerosmith & Run DMC

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118. Bust A Move - Young MC

December 4th 2008 06:20

A classic from the golden age of rap - if your older than 30 you will remember the lyrics. What you might not know is the pumping bass line is provided by none other than Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Don't believe look for his cameo in the clip - Enjoy

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This track by rapper Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos is by renowned Music Video director Hype Williams. It involves two characters from a previous Lupe Fiasco clip - the cool and the streets. The clip mocks the self absorbed over the top all about them clips of many rap stars. Enjoy

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110. U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

November 22nd 2008 21:55

Yes, I had to include it because of it's impact in the whole rap R & B world - MC Hammer made the phrases U Can't Touch This and Hammertime part of everyday language in this epic rap song about how good he was. Of course it all starts with the sample from Rick James masterful funk number SuperFreak. There is much to be made of this clip - one of the original booty shaking clips, that oversize parachute pants, the bizarre little dance thing has does. But my favourite moment is about four minute in as he sings the lyrics "I've toured around the world from London to Bombay" - there is a 3 second slo mo shot of him jumping backwards wearing only his underwear and a bowler hat - it ALWAYS cracks me up. Enjoy

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